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I feel like I’m gonna be up all night..

My mind has been racing all day, I’ve had a lot on my mind these past couple of days or so.. I’ve been second guessing & overthinking things that maybe I shouldn’t & been letting little things bother me. & he notices he notices every little thing about me, I could have the biggest smile on my face & he always seems to know when I’m faking it lately I’ve just been letting stuff build up & now it’s just to the point where it’s stressing me out or constantly on my mind.. I talk to him about almost everything but not this I wanna let him in but it’s like I’m scared of what he’ll say. Ugh I wish I could just say everything that I feel sometimes instead of pushing people that I really care about away especially him. :(

He makes me happy <3


honestly, i don’t think i could be much happier with my life than i am right now.

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thoughts left unsaid, beauty left unseen: My life has been constant happiness ever since I stopped worrying... 


My life has been constant happiness ever since I stopped worrying about certain people that just bring me down and started focusing on what makes me happy. I spent so much time worrying about people and trying to make them feel better about themselves that I didn’t realize I was spending more time…

my boyfriendd always does these things:)

am I blind, or is there NO 310 OR 323? TF? 

legs of fury: This is for you.  


This is for you. The loners, the watchers, the thinkers, the doers, the livers, the lovers. The whisperers, the shouters, the unsure, the doubters. The reachers, the grabbers, the creators, the cryers, the laughers, the laugh-until-you-cryers. The the singers, the dancers, the writers, the…